Gift ‘by Delluc’

A gift that includes a night walking under the incredible vaults of Plaça dels Turers in Banyoles is a very special gift; a night to taste our spectacular cocktails in an exquisite place is an intense gift; an experience near the tin or a gastronomic trip to Majorca is a nice gift; a moment to share the intense flavours of Majorca filled with sensibility and beauty is a magic gift.  Show your love to that special person choosing a menu (with or without drinks) and giving it away as a present.  You can also choose the restaurant where that special meal will take place: select ‘Delluc’ or ‘+Vilar by Delluc’ . 

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A different dinner

Let us make this special meal perfect and unique. Let us convert your visit into unforgettable memories. Let the flavours of Majorca guide you in this incredible gastronomic trip. Are you ready to dream with us?



Gift by Delluc
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