After his studies at ‘Escuela de Hostelería de les Illes Balears’ (Balearic Islands Culinary School) he travelled around the world to improve his knowledge of culinary techniques and products, visiting Mexico, Japan and so many countries.
Ismael has worked in lots of five-star restaurants and hotels in Majorca and around Spain where he has coordinated, at the same time, a team of more than sixty cookers. He leaved his former live to caught a dream: Delluc. Mr Cay is talent and creativity in a pure state. He is the artist behind the stage, the magician, the music director of this symphony.

‘Let Majorca come to you’.  Having this idea in mind we decided to leave Majorca for the ‘Delluc Project’. The dedication, talent and illusion of our team is the key element of our success, a success that is not possible without an incredible knowledge of Majorca’s products, flavours and cuisine.


Our family

A family to take care; a family to dream and to work with; a family that works very hard to show the most special tastes and dishes of our loved Majorca. Well-known flavours presented with elegance and a touch of vanguard. But not only the cuisine will make you travel to the isle. Miquel Ferrino, artist and sculptor, has converted our restaurant in a unique place with magic corners to be visited. Enjoy Delluc’s experience.

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Family members


William Sandoval: Delluc’s Sub-chef. With a large experience working in Colombia and in the best five-star hotels in Majorca isle he is an expert cooking meat dishes. Felipe Castrillón, that has worked in the best hotels in Majorca, complete kitchen’s team. Joana Sánchez organizes our restaurant with her elegance and charm and make us travel among Majorcans flavours with her ‘salat’ accent.